The back pain can make life impossible because almost every movement involving this part of the body . Many of the back problems are caused primarily by a bad posture , and the way in which they are carried some daily operations such as lifting and carrying weights. Sometimes the problem can be due to specific causes such as the displacement of an intervertebral disc or the lesion of a vertebra. Even menstrual pain and anguish of childbirth , are factors responsible for back pain . Much can still be done to prevent, reduce and in some cases recover from back pain.

The back problems are usually caused also by household chores such as when you stretch or a vacuum is used, or when watered the garden and you try to pull weeds kneeling and making sharp bends . In addition to sit for a long time it is also counterproductive because stiffen the muscles and should therefore go for a walk. The clothing is also important, especially in regard to the shoes, which must not exceed 5 inches heel and must be removed without necessarily keep them for the whole day.


As already mentioned in the introductory phase to avoid incurring in back pain or slow healing, it is important not to carry loads such as a bag that needs to be moved alternately from one shoulder to the other shoulder instead. When you go to the grocery bags should be equally distributed to both hands, in order to balance the weight and assuming the so-called balance. With all these precautions back pain if there is not, you run the risk that overtake. However, when the pain is in place, there are some remedies essential. The first is to stand at rest for 24 hours on a hard surface with pillows and try to benefit typically the fetal position is ideal, while on the painful area may bear holding a bag of hot water for at least 15 minutes and repeating the operation at least three times during the rest phase.

A hot bath is great for relaxing the muscle tissue that is rigid and cause of the irritation of the bone that is necessary is also the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for at least three days and ointments to pass on the sore at least twice a day. One of the very effective remedies, however, the bandage when the pain is present precisely in the seam between the back and pelvis In this case you can use either the classic band for slinging children or the appropriate guardians of wool and cotton in pharmacies or centers for orthopedics. Finally, many people believe should be applied on the back of balsamic patches that release anti-inflammatory substances in a phased manner throughout the day bringing considerable benefits.