In spite of a little extra sleep on the weekend may seem like a good idea, it can cause headaches. These headaches can cause you a rough morning, but you can avoid sleeping the recommended amount of time. When these people visit Columbus Ohio migraines Treatment centers, they can begin to get the help.


Sleeping more than the recommended seven to eight hours per night can cause headaches. According to Web MD, oversleeping can alter the balance of neurotransmitters and serotonin in the brain, which can lead to headaches. Sleeping too long can also disrupt your sleep cycle making you stay awake until later in the evening and have a headache the next morning. It can also cause you to avoid the intake of caffeine you usually have in the morning, causing more headaches.

Headaches after oversleeping


Oversleeping can trigger migraine headaches, a type of pain more painful than the typical tension headache head. Migraine triggers such as sleep much because the arteries in your head to enlarge and become inflamed, causing an intense stinging pain and possibly nausea.


Keep the same sleep schedule on weekends than during the week and you try to get seven to eight hours of sleep. Keep your caffeine in the morning and the routine activity for purposes similar to your routine weekday week to avoid headaches caused by excessive sleeping. Consult your doctor if you still feel you need more than eight hours of sleep each night.

How to give a massage to relieve headache

How to give a massage to relieve headaches. Self-massage is a simple and effective way to relieve tension headache form.


1.) Get comfortable. Lie down in a reclining chair or sofa.

2.) Dim the lights. The bright light can intensify the headache.

3.) Begin your massage with the areas that are above and around your ears. Place your hands on either side of your head. Using your fingertips, gently press the skin and moves back and forth about 1 inch (2.54 cm).

4.) Move the scalp rather than sliding your fingers over the skin.

5.) Place your fingertips on your temples. Press gently and move your fingers in small circles.

6.) Repeat this technique on the back of your neck. Pay special attention to the area that lies at the base of the skull.

7.) Continue massaging your scalp in this way until you have covered all your head. For areas that feel tense, try acupressure technique: grab the skin with your thumb and forefinger and pressed for 20 seconds. Loosen the pressure for 10 seconds but do not remove your hand. Repeat this procedure four times.