Sometimes sleep does not mean that a person can rest you need to start a new day with enough energy.

The rest involves many other things that go beyond sleep, because sleep is not ensuring adequate rest for the person and that’s when the fatigue starts to annoy and even though the person has had their full hours of sleep, do not feel they should have the power to make their daily activities. Often labor unrest, stress and problems at home are the reason why people can not rest properly and sleep well, your mind will continue to work and focus on the things you care about the person, which will result poor performance and discomfort.


When the person goes to bed thinking about the problems, they will remain in the mind until the next day you wake up and that means having rested half, since the body is at rest, but the mind active. Nightmares and dream the same fact very often mean that the mind is active, because when you dream the brain creates a series of illusions that recreate different scenarios and situations Sleep. Dependence on tranquilizers to sleep also creates an unhealthy effect and actually the person falls into a deep sleep induced unnaturally.


What does it mean to have a real break?

A real break occurs when the person stands up. A person who has rested will rise with lots of energy, will not turn in bed wanting to sleep and from the moment you open your eyes want to be active. During the night there will not be awakened at any time, because there had long and refreshing sleep. During the day the person will not feel sleepy, even after eating, which is when it usually happens. Your performance will be right, will not have major problems concentrating and any problems will be easier to solve because of alertness that causes sleep.

Having a real rest

When a person feels that sleeps overnight, but not resting, must make a kind of daily ritual in order to achieve good results. Before going to sleep is better to try to get rid of any problems, however serious. Stop thinking entirely on them and try to relax. Soft music and low volume would be nice, as long as it helps the person relax your mind.

A scent of incense desired can also be placed close to where the person rests, as this product will expel the bad energies of those thoughts and give the room a relaxed atmosphere. If you have a large load due to a serious problem, a few drops of Valerian in a glass just before bedtime to relax the body.Hair down, no bra, light clothing for the body has the freedom and there is nothing that you can tighten. Make an attempt to put a blank mind, this will help you fall asleep and the person heavy sleep more quickly and deeply.

If you have studied or read, you have to wait at least an hour to go to sleep, until the information is processed, because otherwise, the mind will be processing that information when the person sleeps. You can not control the fact of dreaming, but you can help do not mind putting it in white. Breathing is one of the best therapies, so they should practice deep breathing, inhaling through your nose and out through your mouth in the day while lying down waiting for sleep. A real rest can recover younger years, large amounts of energy and help maintain good health.