Alopecia is hair loss that occurs in preference to the scalp (baldness), but may also extend to the eyebrows and eyelashes, the mustache and beard. The hair loss is physiological in old age, this is due to dystrophy of the hair bulb processes for their regressive nutrition of old age, often hereditary. When it occurs in young age , you have to find the causes and fight it, a valuable aid is given by the diet.

Alopecia, in this case is pathological and can stand out in two main forms: the symptomatic and essential. in alopecia symptomatic, the hair loss is felt so widespread, it is for the most rapid and intense and are due to infectious diseases, such as typhoid, syphilis, influenza, leukemia, anemia, etc., sometimes even by the pregnancy or the menopause for the altered functioning of the hormonal glands, in all these circumstances it is due to the harmful action exerted by the toxic substances inside or outside on the nutrition of the hair bulb . Seborrhea can also be due to alopecia .


In alopecia essential, that is not preceded by any general morbid condition, hair loss occurs mostly in patches: it may also result from local parasitic diseases of the skin (ringworm) and then fall is poor in some points and other abundant. Another cause of hair loss is stress, therefore causes nerve, leading to weakening of the hair resulting in a fall.

To these causes may be useful nutritious diet with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Particularly useful vitamin A that is found in foods such as liver, eggs, milk not skimmed, in fresh butter, it is also formed in the intestine, by oxidation of a pro vitamin A (carotene) contained in the carrots, tomatoes , apricots, persimmons in, in melons. Giovano also decoration of nettle juice to activate the vitality of the hair bulb or potions made ​​from burdock root, doorposts of bittersweet, hazel leaves and plantain, while the Capuchin every day you can rub the scalp with a cotton ball soaked in a cold infusion prepared with three grams of leaves or flowers every 100 grams of water, which stimulate the parts and strengthen the hair bulb.