Michael Rogall uses biological hair care products and vegetable dyes. The experiences from his hair, he has practice summarized in a book.

He calls himself a practitioner hair and is considered one of the first natural hairdressers. For 20 years, Michael Rogall worked intensively with alternative hair care. His experience has now compiled into a guide. The “hair consultation” promises effective self-help with hair loss, dandruff and damaged hair. The Guide is aimed primarily at consumers and explains relationships deliberately simple. He is the wish of many consumer demands for education about ingredients. After Rogalls observation hair is not dead material, because of its nature, can detect even the hairdresser, the person how to do it to whom it belongs: “Everything we eat, drink and breathe, is deposited in the hair. Hormonal fluctuations have an impact on the hair. ”

Healthy solutions for beautiful hair

Therefore the master hairdresser Michael Rogall is radically opposed to the use of chemical substances that attack the hair and scalp. He himself had to reorient itself, because it was plagued by severe skin allergies. “I loved my job,” he reminisces, “but by the aggressive products, with whom I came in contact so daily, itch my hands every night. Bubbles formed and ripped bloody. Wearing gloves at the time, no one has worked. Skin protection prevention as now, there was not.


From the search for a solution for themselves was a different attitude towards nature and the phenomena behind it: “You have to be able to see through things, to capture the true value and their beauty.” Rogall knows that a barber has to be brave, to exit the “chemical circulation”. He has made the harmony with nature to its business base. He behaves not as a guru who demonized everything that is taught in the hairdressing training. But he shows in his “more than 100 expert tips”, with which simple means and natural substances not only the hair but the whole man is “treated”.

Hair coloring can make you sick

Rogall welcomes the EU directive, non-oxidative hair dye leave to under 16-year olds. But danger lurks for him in the domestic bathrooms: This means that the Hair color package in drugstores are a warning would have. So far I have not seen any. And the cashier, the statements of the young controls on the purchase of the colors at the box office, is not yet in sight. It would just have more education and making sure the consumer alert and critical of the use of substances, can make you sick . And it needed knowledgeable hairdressers who offer healthy solutions for beautiful hair.

Michael Rogall does in his book. It’s not just a guide for those who have hair problems and are looking for effective self-help with hair loss, dandruff and damaged hair, look out. The explanations of the relationship between the outside (hair) and the inside (metabolism) actually help anyone who is faced with a plethora of industrial hair products and more uncertain. The questions “What does?” And “What harm” are by Michael Rogall answered clearly.