The trends in terms of hair color go in the proper time and again to the natural look back, but must it always blonde, black or brown be?

Even if naturalness is not always the first choice, as wife wants but also from time to time to experiment a little. Often it is then the hair that are changed first. Most ladies still access to natural colors and simply choose a color, which is very close to her natural. Sure, these colors can actually do anything wrong. If you can not decide what color is the appropriate, may consult either the barber of his trust or used for the beginning of a tint. These gradually washes out again and you quickly back his natural hair color.

With a durable paint the whole thing looks like something different. Because woman can not decide so fast. Is the color once applied, it takes time until it grew out again or you in painstaking hair always a few shades varied over a longer period of time until one is finally arrived back at his natural color. The project is very difficult, however, if the hair was dyed blond on black for example and you suddenly want to have blonde hair again! In this case, only helps a visit to the hairdresser.


Unusual hair colors – it has never been so easy

How does it actually made ​​with unusual hair colors, such as pink, blue or purple – who really dares? It is mostly the younger ones among the ladies who try this unusual hair colors. One can also do nothing at all wrong in principle, because the failed shades are usually around tints , with every hair wash gradually washed out but once something goes wrong or the color do not like, then stained you just tried it or after a wash out with a Cleaning shampoo, a different tint.

Colorful accents added

A colored pony, pink streaks in blonde hair and bright red streaks in black hair , create fantastic effects. The application is relatively simple:

* Apply tint on damp or dry hair with a comb or a brush
* Leave for short
* rinse off

However, make sure to wear gloves because the tints very stubborn remain on the skin in most cases. By the way – the longer the exposure, the better the color comes into play. Colored tints come in blond hair to best advantage. With dark hair, it is therefore advisable to lighten the hair accordingly in advance. With these bright colors any hairstyle gets a certain something and you or your hair will be in any case a real eye catcher.