Whether your hair is long or short, bright and lush, please follow these tips to prevent abuse of her hair from the cold.

Our hair speaks of our health, tells the world how careful we are and how healthy we are. Shiny hair speaks loudly about the vitality of any of us, on the contrary, a hair neglected says it would be best to go quickly to the nearest hair salon. For those who live to the southern hemisphere, winter is just beginning, and the threat of rain, wind and cold, and is knocking at the door. Following a few simple tips can keep beautiful hair and wear it without fear. If your relationship with your hair has not started yet, a great way to start is to identify the type of hair you have. This also helps you know what kind of products should be used for care.


How to recognize a dry hair

The reasons why hair is dry or dry can be diverse. First you have to look if the hair along his entire life has had the same texture, in this case may correspond to poor segregation of fats in the capillary area.
Moreover, the excessive sun exposure and use of dyes, iron and hair indiscriminately can also lead to dry hair to a critique. In this case, the important thing to consider is hydration. In any high-dry hair, you must first check if you have split ends, and if so, the best solution is to cut the ends of hair or hair that everyone seems dead, as this will force and revitalize.

In the case of exposure to heat, suggests applying a pre-form styling cream, as it provides extra moisture to that obtained when washing is also recommended to apply a mask once a month based on avocado coconut olive oil Because they are rich in natural oils. This treatment is fast and if the procedure is performed continuously, the effects will be visible quickly.

How to recognize a greasy hair

It’s just the opposite to dry hair as its texture is due to the high segregation of fat in the scalp. Generally people with oily hair tend to dandruff . This can be inconvenient to treat separately. For this type of hair suggests using mild neutral shampoo and conditioners. Are less careful, because the fat acts as a protector, but a lot of fat hair makes it look terrible, so it is suggested to wash every other day and use products to control fat. Shampoos and conditioners acidic fruit work well with this type of hair. You can use masks soft consistency, such as flax seed.

How to recognize a mixed hair

As the word says, is a combination of dry hair and oily hair. Generally the fat is concentrated on the scalp, while the dry is located at the ends, making them brittle. In this case we must take special care to tip, giving maximum hydration. The styling cream is helpful because it can be applied only in the parts of the hair that need attention.

Hair Care Tips

The basic rules to follow to keep hair healthy and cute are:

1. Tweak your cut every 15 to 18 days, both to maintain the neatness and to prevent split ends from taking over much of the hair.
2. Whenever you get shampoo, conditioner or other product, check the labels because they contain important information about what type of hair each product and its proper application.
3. In applying dyes, Prefer to go to a professional. In the salon there are always experts who know what to advise on what can go and make things better than his hair, also avoids the risk of staining your hair dye because of a misapplied.
4. If your hair is long, do not fasten with clips or elastic, crack and damage it beyond repair.
5. The use of hats should be moderate. While winter is essential to cover your head against the cold, hat generates static electricity and, when used in very tight marking. The hats also produce hair loss the long term.

Although we must not neglect our winter issue, even while remaining sheltered from the cold at home is always good to give all the love best of our hair to our inner beauty is reflected in the image.