The thighs and buttocks are the parts of the body where, especially in women, more than anywhere else fat accumulates. The phenomenon happens even to the slender people. The upper part of the thighs and the side part of the buttocks are often prey of that dysfunction known with the name of cellulite. The massages are of little use, but if carried out as a complement to some gymnastic exercises, can give results. In summer, the sea, why not take advantage of this natural gym to tone our muscles, the beach is the perfect place to do gymnastics and toning the legs and buttocks, here’s the list of some exercises you can do in the water.

The acquaintance is a combination of running and aerobics, starting with the heating, where the water is higher, then go where the water you to hip height, for intensive training, as the sea at that offers more resistance and the movements are more enhanced. Use a Treadmill Treadmill water that helps to increase the tonic effects of the year, you can also put special ankle bracelets to make the movement more effective, its benefits are seen all over the body, especially on the buttocks and thighs , it is also a great cardiovascular workout, it increases physical endurance.


Having said this, let’s see what exercises to perform in water: running legs apart, lifting the knees to the waist and supporting the whole foot on the ground, do the exercise bike, back and forth; swims breaststroke; walking with legs straight and knees straight, marching in place, run by raising the knees, jump kicking back, doing the jumps on one leg, alternating; leaps with the lure of the knees, do the scissor kick, kicks jumping on the spot, in front and to the side; moved laterally raising his knees, jumping on the spot, jump spread out the legs rushes back with the leg; outbursts side with the leg; circling the legs.

All these exercises should be performed from 5 to 15 times, alternating legs and also helping with the movement of the arms Of course in addition to these exercises that are specific and targeted, do not forget that already have a swim is a good exercise , as well as running or walking on the shore and climb down the ladder and contract often muscles of the buttocks, at any time of the day.