Our body has need of many substances in order to perform all its functions and all its activities . Knowing what are the key nutrients they need and know where you can find, it is essential for its proper functioning . For this we will analyze together a short guide to the major nutrients .

The nutrients are substances that are taken through food. They are fundamental to the life and the proper functioning of the metabolism of all living things. They are divided into three broad categories: energetic, plastic and regulators. The first provide the energy necessary for the performance of several vital functions and the activities of our body. The carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy and allow the performance of the functions at the cellular and tissue. Foods that contain more carbohydrates are starchy foods, potatoes, fruit and milk.


The nutrients plastic ensure growth, replacement and repair of cells. The proteins allow for the construction of tissues and organs. It is essential to consume protein especially at a time of growth and in adulthood. The major sources from which we can draw these nutrients are: meat, fish, milk, eggs and legumes.

The last, or the nutritional regulators, provide minerals and vitamins for the conduct of various metabolic reactions. The lipids can be found in fatty dressings, such as butter, oil, lard and lard, and meat, fish and dried fruit. They allow you to have stocks or reserves of energy , allow it to absorb vitamins such as A, D and E and maintain cell membranes in good condition.

Carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are the main nutrients , but next to them there are also vitamins and minerals, they also critical to the proper functioning of the metabolism of the human body. Knowing what are the main nutrients and know where are content will allow us to follow a proper diet and balanced to prevent any disorder or disease that may occur due to a lack of them. The optimal implementation of the various functions in metabolism, cellular energy and is closely dependent on them.