Exactly, what concerns the meditation? What is? The meditation is a practice that allows you to have mastery of the mind and achieve inner peace . And a very ancient practice and recognized by many religions and philosophies, especially Eastern . Meditation is so important and why it should be practiced to health in many ways, from that nervous than cardiovascular. So good for the children but also for adults. Lets talk about meditation techniques.

meditation techniques

This type of meditation may seem strange, however a type of meditation that allows you to focus your mind on the practice of the walk itself trying to perceive any kind of stimulus coming from the outside to the feet and legs. In short, to feel in harmony with the surrounding environment. This type of meditation allows the practice every day in every place you prefer.

This type of meditation is to focus all activities of the mind in a single sound element . The sound element is arbitrary, an example would be the clock hand or tap the drop in the fall. A type of meditation especially suitable for people who suffer from stress from noise.

This type of meditation is to fix any particular point or object for a few minutes without closing his eyes. Then you close your eyes and you take a picture of the set point and the focus is on the mental image of the object or point in question. This technique helps to improve the widespread attention.

This technique consists of fixing carefully a flower in the middle of a large lawn with the most varied types of flowers. Once you find the flower you want, you have to study the details and the smell just from a visual standpoint. So color, shape, number of petals, for several minutes, and if deemed appropriate even hours.

This type of meditation is one of the most used and powerful. It is to make the exhalation and inhalation by controlling these two in order to slow down their performance. Counting up to 7 seconds during inspiration and 7 seconds during exhalation. This breathing technique should be performed with the diaphragm, hence the name, diaphragmatic breathing . This technique helps fight anxiety and nervous, oxygenates the tissues and gives health to the cardio circulatory.