There are people so worried of contracting skin cancer that instead of exposing yourself to sunlight are covered exaggerated avoiding it completely. Undoubtedly there are risks due to excessive sun exposure , many dermatologists believe that the main cause of skin aging. This is due to the powerful UVB rays that cause sunburn , can damage DNA and suppress the immune system of the skin . We then see a guide to the effects of the sun on health .

Long and penetrating UVA rays can create highly reactive oxygen molecules that can damage cell membranes of the skin and the DNA inside. In reality it is just so negative exposure to the sun , which instead has many positive factors. The relationship between sun exposure and the risk of skin cancer is not as simple as you might think. The genes of the skin are a factor in part, then the risks depend on each individual skin type.


People with fair skin easily suffer sunburn and are more likely to incur in skin cancer related to sun exposure. As for the exposure, the “dose” and its timing are however fundamental. Several studies have suggested that in fact suddenly getting plenty of sun all together, is more dangerous than exposure over time. The sunscreens were then designed to block, but also to do good to the skin; fact they produce vitamin D. The scientific research shows that many people have low levels of vitamin D and therefore are at risk when exposed to the sun. These individuals are often also suffering from bone diseases, and to receive the sun so you can gradually remove moisture accumulated during the winter cold, and make it completely unless it is definitely counterproductive for those who suffer. This is why many orthopedic specialists in the care of the bones, recommend your light therapy.

In addition to what is described here, it should be added that in recent years we have passed from culture to that of sunbathing to fear and hide from it, however, there is a middle way, and without giving up all the benefits of the sun, you can safely deal with, especially if if you use some precautions such as a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15, and if you wear a hat and a shirt of cotton in the hours when the sun is in the sky (noon). In this way, the sun is less scary and you can also enjoy its many benefits for health .