Yoga is an ancient discipline with multiple benefits. The positive aspects of the practice are many and such to be studied by medical teams from all over the world. Recently, the investigation of a group of Norwegian scientists have documented that the benefits of yoga are so profound genetic changes from appreciate improvements to those who practice it. If you are searching for good reasons to indulge in yoga, this is definitely the guide for you.

The exercises of Yoga are both preventive and curative. That is not only ensure a high level of well-being muscular, glandular and psychological, but they can act as active prevention of ailments such as colds, coughs, stomach or intestine.


Benefits muscle and bones. With fluid movements and slow, the practice of yoga activates the muscles in a smooth and gradual. The great variety of positions ensures a uniform involvement of all parts of the body, without exception. By practicing yoga you will then complete an exercise on the whole body. You will be toned, strong, and above all avoid the phenomenon of stagnation of blood in the tissues. This aspect is central to the benefits of yoga : the positions, together with the breathing , make your organs and tissues are perfused with oxygenated blood. This will allow the cells to preserve in good condition. Many of the positions are acting on the spine, environmental in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine: a perfect exercise to combat the painful disorders in VDU work. Asanas (exercises) that involve balance will allow you to tighten the abdominal muscles and lats. Other Astana will increase elasticity of tendons and nerves, ensuring a flexible and agile body.

Benefits breathing. Each location provides for a specific job on the control of breathing. This will be of great help to combat stress and anxiety. In the unfortunate situation where you will be subject to attacks of panic, take a deep breath and controlled will help you fight the feeling of suffocation and resume more easily control you.

Endocrine System. The health of the body is closely linked to the health status of the glands. The pituitary is a gland located in the proximity of the brain that the entire endocrine system. Positions that allow for deep spraying of oxygenated blood to the head prune great benefit to those suffering from diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Concentration and psychological well-being. Yoga has immense beneficial effects on the psychology of the individual. Those who practice it from time describes him as a great help to combat anxiety, stress and panic attacks. The slow movements associated with breathing exercises help to get rid of the tensions accumulated during the day. Meditation to improve your ability to concentrate, memory and your lucidity. Yoga is thus a practice that will ensure a healthier and happier life and the benefits are secured in every aspect of your life.