Cancer is a disease caused inexplicable behavior of some cells that suddenly go crazy starting to change their characteristics and multiplying outside of each rule. Has not yet been invented a real cure, but medicine is making progress and many people struggling fail to heal. There is no real way to prevent cancer, as this can also occur in people who have always followed a healthy lifestyle, but despite this it is fair to say that with some important precautions you can reduce the chance of being attacked from this evil and, in the same way, follow a style of life unhealthy increase the percentage of risk. In addition to distance themselves from the smoke and always practice physical activity for the prevention of cancer and of every kind of disease always try to follow a healthy diet. Here is a guide on foods recommended to prevent cancer.


It is known that fruit and vegetables are very strong allies in the prevention of any kind of disease , but has recently been discovered that some types, in particular, help to remove the danger of cancer . In the ranking stand broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, for their chemical characteristics these three vegetables are able to fight breast cancer, colon and rectum. One of the substances present in the broccoli is agoraphobic, the latter is present in larger amounts in the plants of bitter taste. The list is long, and it is also part of the carrot. In fact, it has been shown that, especially if eaten raw, helps prevent tumors in the mouth, lungs, throat, stomach, intestines, bladder, prostate, and breast.

Let us now discuss the types of fruit you no longer have to miss in your daily life. in avocado have been discovered many beneficial properties, one of which derives from high presence of antioxidants that attack free radicals in the body by blocking the intestinal absorption of fats. The grapes, papaya and raspberries block the enzymes needed for the development of a cancer. A joker in prevention is definitely the fig tree, this fruit has been elected as one of the most effective in reducing the risk of cancer. Among the citrus instead it has been shown that grapefruit, oranges and lemons can break down substances that cause the disease.

The secret actually lies not only in eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but in knowing how to vary each day. There are in fact of the foods that we might expect less in the list of prevention . An example are the nuts, which suppress the growth of tumors thanks to the high presence of Quentin. Garlic has been discovered as a great ally of the immune system, as it contains antibacterial substances through which it is possible to prevent stomach cancer. The rumor that two glasses of wine a day are good is not a legend, the red wine contains poly phenols, which indeed seem to help against the infection of different types of cancer. Finally, do not forget to stop for afternoon tea … It seems that this drink, especially the green type, contains antioxidants that prevent cancer cells from dividing ..