It’s no secret that it gets harder and harder to stay fit and healthy as we age. Along with the natural aging process, life’s greater demands and pressures keep us from taking the time to care for our bodies. This lack of self-care can have devastating effects such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health issues associated with weight gain, in addition to feeling more sluggish and not looking our best. Toronto, Ontario is not immune to Canada’s rising weight-related health problems, making it all the more important for individuals to prioritize exercising and staying fit. Working with a personal trainer in Toronto can better guarantee a realization of our fitness goals, promising better health along with a better physique.


When making a decision on your personal trainer in Toronto, take the time to find a gym and fitness coach that will give you the best chance for success. Most people pay for a gym that they do not use; however, instead of being like most people, look for a highly recommended pay-per-use gym like the popular Striation 6 in Toronto so you aren’t stuck with a traditional, annual contract draining your wallet every month – even if you don’t use it. Visit the gym you are interested in beforehand to ensure the personal trainer you would be working with is a certified professional. The best personal trainer in Toronto should be enthusiastic to work with you, as well as respectful and compassionate to your needs.

Studies show that those who work with a personal trainer lose more weight and achieve better fitness results than those who exercise alone. A personal trainer in Toronto can provide several benefits that solo exercisers simply won’t be able to duplicate because personal trainers have the knowledge and skill to optimize workouts tailored to a person’s individual needs and wants.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long it’s been since you last worked out, or even if you have an injury, a personal trainer can put together an exercise plan customized for your situation. Furthermore, a personal trainer can teach you the proper techniques for exercises and machines in order to reduce the risk of injury. Because many people only stick with the exercises they’re familiar with, they experience that infamous plateau in weight loss due to the repetitive nature of their workout. You can learn a variety of exercises in your personal training sessions to keep you improving, no matter how long you’ve been on a certain regime. Additionally, a good personal trainer will watch and cue you to maintain good form, effectively preventing you from developing an injury. Finally, there’s the all important motivation factor: a personal trainer will motivate you to get to the gym, cheer you on through your personal training sessions, and leave you wanting more. This kind of external motivation can be a powerful tool in any fitness plan.

Now, just get started – the hardest part of any journey is getting started. If you start today, you could feel a lot better about yourself by tomorrow. All you have to commit to is trying it once. You have nothing to lose – except fat.