The consumption of grapefruit with certain medicinal products may cause undesirable interactions for the organism and adverse health effects.

An innocent grapefruit juice may hide health hazards: known for some time that this fruit interacts with some drugs, but now, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the number of possible mixtures, with side effects, is much higher than previously thought.

What is the substance responsible for the grapefruit-drug interaction

The furanocoumarins , found in grapefruit and bitter oranges also used in jams, blocks an enzyme that acts on gastrointestinal and serves to deactivate various medications. A glass 200 ml grapefruit juice before or after medication, is sufficient to block the enzyme. If every day you take some juice, even in minimal amount, increases the probability of interaction between grapefruit and medicine.


What are the medications that interact with grapefruit

According to studies, are 85 drugs that interact with grapefruit, being 43 which may cause side effects ranging from renal insufficiency or respiratory intestinal bleeding, renal toxicity and bone marrow of sudden death.

The mechanism of the body when consumed grapefruit and drugs

The remedies “support” less grapefruit juice are those with low availability, those that are rapidly metabolized. For example, the antihypertensive has an availability of 15% immediately after being supplied. If you eat grapefruit, it blocks the possibility of eliminating the drug, which increases 5 times their availability and thus the risk of side effects from overdose.

With anti-cholesterol drug simvastatin, is enough to drink a glass of grapefruit juice once a day for three consecutive days to see the 330% increase in drug concentration in blood. Research shows that interactions are unlikely, on the contrary, as are many people who consume grapefruit juice, especially those over 45 years, exactly the Gaza population to which are prescribed more drugs. Furthermore, with increasing age, the dangers are greater because the agency always has less ability to tolerate excessive concentrations of drugs.