The Gout is a metabolic disorder that is caused by too high uric acid levels. As a result of too much uric acid leads to joint pain and kidney damage. Physicians distinguish between two types of gout : The primary form is caused by a genetic disorder of the kidney that can not break down the uric acid produced by the body. The secondary form is with other diseases such as cancer or diabetes accompanied that increase uric acid levels. However, can also increase alcohol, medications, or fasting uric acid levels.

If there is too much uric acid in the body, the kidneys excrete any more. The uric acid crystals accumulate in other tissues, then, preferably in the joints and kidneys. In the joints, the crystals can damage bone and cartilage, and the kidney is severely compromised, they may eventually fail to complete (renal failure). In an acute attack of gout the affected joint is very red, swollen and hot, touching and every movement is perceived as extremely painful. As a result of gout attacks occur in the joints of the disease typical “holes” that are visible on the radiograph well. The joints are damaged in this way, only more painful and deforming.


If the uric acid level is only slightly elevated, it usually makes no symptoms for years, and then spontaneously gout may occur, usually in the joint of the big toe or in the knee joint. Over the years, the gout, chronic , are the changes of the joints are then do not be reversed. Chronic gout has become today, however, very rare, as most sufferers seek help for the severe pain early on a doctor. The diagnosis is usually made after a study of uric acid in your blood. This is not simply because of uric acid are unstable, depending on what you have eaten or drunk. However, not all gout patients to a permanently high uric acid levels, and a high normal value is no evidence that there is no gout. Elevated uric acid levels and do not necessarily move to the gout. For the diagnosis of gout, therefore, be some other blood values, the symptoms and of course used the patient’s history.

In acute inflammatory attacks are drugs used, will the affected joint may also be sedated and cooled. In the long term, the goal of therapy is, of course, lowering the uric acid levels to acute gout attacks and prevent the long-term damage caused by the gout. In the treatment of gout, the active participation of patients is needed. Since the diet plays a major role in gout, it is almost always necessary in a certain way to dieting. The aim is to avoid the foods that cause a high concentration of uric acid, or inhibit the degradation of uric acid alcohol, for example, applies to both. In particular, a very heavy meat diet is suspected to promote gout. Proper hydration is important in any case to support the kidneys.

Physical activity can help to reduce uric acid levels, and can also be overweight decrease, which is also often involved in the development of gout. Radical fasting or crash diets, however, must be avoided in gout. Of gout mainly affects men. She joins them at the age of 40 and 60 years for the first time on. Women have rarely gout, and usually not before the menopause.