The AECC and Buckler 0.0 combine to convey to people the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

According to the data OncoBarometro Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), the majority of the population has received health advice to promote health, namely 53% say they have received them related to food. However, only 39% are aware that eating habits can help reduce the risk of developing cancer and 58% take up industrial bakery twice a week. Lack of exercise (78% of Spanish do not) and a healthy eating (57% do not eat many fruits and vegetables daily required enough) lead an unhealthy lifestyle and, as mentioned by Dr. Elena Segura, a physician at the AECC, “Overweight and obesity are also associated with cancer”Hence the need to”eat healthy without abusing the meat, not eating barbecue or smoked and not abusing the salt or caloric food, etc.”Qualifies.


On “The Challenge Buckler Pilar 0.0”

Buckler 0.0, women’s tour sponsor of running more supportive, “The Women’s Race 2011”, has turned, once again, to support women in their fight against breast cancer through “The Challenge of Pilar “Looking for 22,000 messages of support, one for each of the 22,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer annually, and if they could be donated to the Association that amount in euros.

After seven races in Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Oviedo, Sevilla, Barcelona and Zaragoza, and with the support of thousands of people, Pilar has not only his challenge, but it has far exceeded, and currently are on the more than 24,000 messages of support. Pilar is excited about the experience and could not stop thanking both runners as social media, which have allowed the challenge to spread their participation and support in achieving this end. Before delivering the check, Pilar showed their most supportive and could not help but smile at the achievement: “women are not alone, many people support them. This experience is something that I will not ever forget”.

Act to prevent cancer awareness

Not only Pilar Cruz, 0.0 and Buckler ambassador example of overcoming to make beating cancer was diagnosed in 2008, shared his experience and joy in achieving this success, but Dr. Elena Segura and Diego Antonanzas, Director of Corporate Public Relations HEINEKEN Spain to 0.0 Buckler, who managed to show an act of awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a factor in reducing the risk of developing this disease.