The properties and applications of the ginger are numerous. It for themselves to use, there are different ways.

Ginger is one of the healthiest foods in the world. The plant likes the hot, moist climate of the tropics and subtropics with their long, pointed leaves. It is cultivated in India, in countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, but also in Australia or the Caribbean. The thick stem grows from the, under the Earth, ginger root stock. The rhizome harvested after five to nine months of growth. It is estimated, and versatile power of ginger.


Essential oils, Shogaole and Gingers are among the ingredients of the far eastern plant. These substances give its aroma, its sharp taste and its healing effect on the health of the ginger Rhizome. In addition, the root contains vitamin C and minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and Phosphor.


What are the characteristics of ginger?


Ginger has the ability to relieve pain. Its ingredients are in the body much like aspirin, but without side effects

Stomach Soothing

The tuber helps against stomach problems such as stomach cramps and stomach ulcers. He calms the stomach and provides for the formation of more stomach acid. As well, it helps against intestinal ailments. Drunk before eating a cup of ginger tea, it increases the blood flow and warming of the body and ENT Kramer the gastropod intestinal tract.


After heavy, fatty meal helps digestion ginger. He brings the entire digestive system up to speed.

Analgesic in pain

Ginger by envelopes sells muscle pain due to overexertion and muscle soreness.


You can compare the effect of the ginger against inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Helping in rheumatism

Pain caused by arthritis or type pants can be alleviated with ginger. It can also help prevent these diseases. The painful area is rubbed with ginger extract.

Soothing for colds

Ginger tea for colds like flu, fever, runny nose, cough and sore throat drunk, strengthens the immune system. Drunk before the cold period, it acts preventive. Ginger strengthens the entire immune system and kills pathogenic bacteria. It reduces stomach ache during menstruation. The root crop detoxifies the body and improves blood circulation. He has a vitalizing and purifying and metabolic disorders brings to the disappearance and loss of appetite.

Even with the major diseases, he can absorb it. He kills cancer cells, it can be used against Alzheimer’s and stroke. In addition, he owns a hypertensive effect and lowers the level of cholesterol. Because of all its health-promoting effects, he has truly earned the nickname panacea. With high blood pressure and gall stones you must warn only people the ginger as well as pregnant women, because it can trigger contractions.

How to take ginger to himself?

Who wants to achieve all the above effects or pre-emptively protect themselves from diseases, should take every day a certain amount of ginger to, i.e. at least a teaspoon of ginger powder or a five-inch piece of the fresh tuber.For a Cup, a gram is sufficient from the root. Yellow brown skin should be cut off thin because exactly under it, the valuable active ingredients are or leaving the skin off. About the, in discs cut, ginger, you pour hot water and can be pulled the tee ten minutes. The pure taste is too intense, can sweet tea with sugar, honey or other sweeteners. Also, the tea can be combined with other roots or teas.