Let’s face it: alcohol is the new scourge of modern society. More and more young people, but not only, start drinking as to give themselves more importance within the group. Unfortunately, very often you get to make an exaggerated consumption without realizing it: in fact, alcohol, such as nicotine and other drugs, can cause addiction, as well as a series of health problems, both physical and psychological, such as loss of memory, liver cirrhosis and gastritis . In this guide, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to break free from alcohol dependency , providing also all the necessary information and a few helpful suggestions on how to carry out this delicate task as simply and quickly as possible. So let’s see how to proceed.

alcohol dependency

First we must say that to completely exit the tunnel of alcoholism is necessary and essential that the person in question really wants. Not just a desire then, but a real strong desire to end the addiction, not as a favor to a third party as friends or relatives, but as a favor to themselves, to their health , to their relations and to their social life. Usually it happens that the alcoholic becomes aware of his problem and that he wants to get out, but after several unsuccessful attempts made ​​on their own and lonely, depress you even more, worsening the situation.

To break free from addiction to alcohol , the individual must become fully aware that total abstinence from alcohol is inevitable and necessary: ​​in fact there are many cases where, thinking to be able to drink even one drink in a controlled and conscious, the alcoholic resume the consumption of alcohol so again exaggerated. Abstinence, however, should not be regarded as a deprivation, but as a liberation: to get to this point you have to think of the bad memories associated with the influence of alcohol, unpleasant situations that have arisen during the drunkenness and the problems that have resulted .

The release comes in fact from alcohol gradually. It begins with total abstinence from alcohol for at least 24 hours: tell an alcoholic to give up alcohol for life, beginning might scare him and make it unsafe, not to mention that, in the event of failure, the subject ricascherà the problem headlong frustration. What is required is a period of abstinence for one day only, so that she can regain first place in the self-confidence and secondly be able to appreciate the taste of a serene social life sober, realizing what you could lose.