True wellness is the result of a wholistic approach to fitness and wellness that integrates a healthy body, mind and spirit. MOVE believes that being fit, being well and being inspired are goals worth working toward.

Whether your goal is to maintain your current level of fitness, focus on toning, weight loss, or work on posture, you’ll find a range of fitness classes in Ann Arbor to suit your personal style from pilates and yoga, barre and ballet, high-intensity or gentle—no matter what your age or ability.


For a complete overall body workout, consider signing up for more than one class. Participating in several different types of workouts will provide more variety and ensure you’ll never get bored.

Individual Wellness and Life Coaching is also offered to help clients integrate their goals into all areas of life. Facilitated by trained and certified wellness or life coaches, sessions focus on creating a personal vision, setting achievable goals, and assessing progress.

All classes and coaching sessions are led by experienced and qualified professionals who take genuine pleasure in seeing you improve—class by class, and week by week.