Mostly 40% to 60% women do face the most common feminine problem of all, which is known as vaginal dryness. It is an extremely uncomfortable and disturbing complexity for any woman, who has to go through it. It is also known as Menopause Dryness, which could make a woman loose all her interest in pleasing sex with her partner. This excessive dryness could further create more complicated health issues for a woman. There are couple of ways to counter it and get over this peculiar problem.

  1. Have lots of water and also use moisturizer: Drinking a good deal of water through the day would keep the body hydrated. This will ensure that the skin doesn’t get dry and chaffed. Using a moisturizer in the mean while would also reduce the irritation.
  2. Good lubricant: Using a lubricant that is made of natural vegetable grease and is water based, would reduce the friction manifold during sexual intercourse. This must also be used for all kind of vaginal foreplays prior to sex.
  3. Vitamin E: It aid in keeping the overall skin health at its best. One could always use the Vitamin E supplements that are particularly designed for the women, who suffer from female dryness.
  4. Abstain from Alcohol and Caffeine: This is an extremely vital tip to follow. Both the commodities aggravate dryness due to their dehydrating effect to the body. Hence, keeping oneself away from these two will help a great deal in retaining the natural suppleness of the skin in all season.
  5. Boosting Estrogens levels: There are some peculiar food items that boost the Estrogens levels in the body by increasing its production. Some of these are legumes, flaxseed and soy. It’s not a very well known fact that low-fat diet could also aggravate the dryness of vagina. Hence, consuming unsaturated fats and avoiding saturated fats would be the best thing to do.
  6. Aloe Vera: Gel made out of this plant’s secretions is a proven remedy for dryness in vagina. Combining aloe Vera with milk and then applying it to the vagina will ward of all kind of excessive dryness; while it will ensure good lubrication.

Is there anything that one should be cautious of?

Although, all the above remedies and home-prepared solutions to the vaginal dryness are basic; but they are very effective. However, before trying something new to apply on the intimate body parts, one must test them on their under-elbow to see if they don’t have any kind of allergy effects.

That will sort out all related issues to vaginal dryness.