The human body is a machine which ever is the most perfect that may exist, and the proper functioning depends, however, the union of several factors, which are often related to one another. Diseases, dysfunctions and malformations, however, can prevent our body functions properly, thereby creating, various symptoms and a general condition of malaise. In particular, in this guide we focus on a fairly common disorder such as dyspnea anxious, trying to figure out How to get rid of anxiety .

get rid of anxiety

Dyspnea is a term that identifies in general, difficulty breathing (commonly known as “air hunger”). It is in fact a symptomatology that is revealed quite normal after an intense effort (to which the organism tries to respond), but also depends if it occurs in normal rest. The causes that trigger an attack of wheezing can be varied, and mostly it’s anxiety, but can also be caused by asthma, pneumonia and heart problems.

Treating the root problem is without a doubt the best way, to be able to fight the attacks of breathlessness anxious. For this reason it is very important to talk to the doctor, in the moment when you realize that arise the first symptoms . The fundamental rule in this field is meant precisely that before we act to overcome the problem, and will definitely be faster healing. To combat immediately dyspnea anxious, we can also practice a simple diaphragmatic breathing exercise, which affects muscle more important when we talk about breathing. So we begin by folding a blanket in half and taking a supine position, by lying on the floor. However, if we have a typical mat for yoga, we can use it because it is more comfortable and relaxing. Then doing pushups, we support the legs against the wall and breathe regularly for about 4 minutes.

After this first phase, we move to the “conscious breathing real”, so let’s start with the inspiration, making inflate our abdomen voluntarily. We conclude exhaling, keeping your mouth half open and bringing the belly button all the way in and continuing for 10 minutes, twice a day. In the long run this exercise, will help us to fight the terrible state of malaise that accompanies dyspnea anxious.