Dementia is a tough road for any family to face, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be faced alone. Home care assistance has come a long way in Alberta, and highly trained caregivers have become important assets for families with an older member suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Diseases that affect cognitive and motor skills cause a major decline in a senior’s quality of life. Especially in the long-term, sufferers may not be able to remember much. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t find happiness and meaning moment by moment.

senior-careHome health care aides in Edmonton are making it possible for seniors with dementia to stay in their beloved homes. Studies show that as Alzheimer’s progresses, unfamiliar environments can be incredibly damaging to a sufferer’s cognitive abilities. Imagine waking up in a strange place, unsure how you got there and eager to go home. Familiar surroundings can mitigate some of the challenges of advancing dementia both emotionally and cognitively. It’s been found that people in the early stages of dementia use familiar environments to bring them back to the present. Think of the house where your loved one has spent much of their life as a memory aid.

Caregivers assist elders with the basics of everyday life when it is no longer possible for an elder to do so themselves. Most importantly, personal support workers manage medications and doctor’s appointments. They provide scheduled medication reminders and provide transportation to the doctor’s office. In addition to keeping track of healthcare needs, they also perform housekeeping like laundry. They assist with personal hygiene, including bathing or showering, tooth brushing, combing, and dressing. Home caregivers can also be responsible for cooking and, in advanced cases, helping patients eat. Dementia can affect mobility, causing sufferers to rely on walking aids and struggle with stairs. Personal support workers are also there to make mobility safer and easier.

Mavencare, an eldercare agency in Edmonton, is now employing PSWs who have been trained in the Montessori Method. It may sound familiar as an education method for young children, but many of the concepts of Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy are effective for working with dementia patients. The Montessori Method has found that when seniors with Alzheimer’s work on constructive tasks, whether they’re puzzle-based, creative, or as simple as folding laundry, they can access their long-term memory and derive a sense of fulfillment and usefulness from the task. If you’re interested in the availability of caregivers trained in the Montessori Method for dementia, you can learn more at

The Montessori approach is about bringing meaning back into life. Quality of life means more than just the essentials of hygiene, nutrition, and mobility. It’s about staying mentally stimulated as much as possible. Mavencare caregivers use the Montessori Method to encourage cognitive activity and treat elders with dignity. It’s focused on creating positive emotional reactions and connecting elders with their long-term memory. Bring happiness back into your loved one’s life and find out about home care assistance today.