They are as close to anyone indifferent, believe that the bad breath, because so many people (especially raw) to avoid eating garlic. Today, we have to eat immediately after the test instead of the remedy or the same with some garlic, and able to solve the problem within a short period, that argument is found in foods. The sulfur present in the interaction between our body, some of the elements, they tend to enter the circulation in the blood vessels, the cause is often an unpleasant smell of garlic, and then through the lungs and is expelled by sweat.


We just have to go to the man with whom I will not turn away from what should be, a salad, a main dish, a garlic ate fish or meat? The answer, according to scholars of the food industry, only a unique, and that there is an effective remedy; In fact, it is annurca. This is very common fruit immediately after eating garlic, enough to reduce the accumulation of sulfur, and, therefore, the lungs through sweat or water prevents air from escaping, we have the unpleasant smell. Apple to eliminate bad breath from the garlic is not the only natural remedy; In fact, such as parsley, basil, and spinach, as well as citrus (especially lemon) and other natural products, especially green tea, and have spices. All of these foods, like others of the same species, especially of the respiratory and digestive system of the body and provides a self-called polyphenols, rich in natural agents. In addition, to achieve the desired results, together with or immediately after meals to eat all the garlic, and the consequent elimination of explanation, a minimum reduction, sulfur is able to overcome many of which are enzymes, lies in the events related to bad breath.

If you do not have a hand in this food, we drink lemonade otherwise, or to solve the problem permanently, you can eat the cooked apples. Garlic has the defect of the body it is in fact,, antibiotics, deworming, as well and even the digestive, respiratory and urogenital appropriate treatment is the fact that various diseases.