Every part of our body which is a reflection of our state of health. For example, nails and hair brittle and opaque, show high lack of certain nutrients . In writing this guide will recommend a healthy and balanced diet, listing the food they need to strengthen their structure and appear in an extraordinary way.

It is not important the only regular manicure, cut the hair regularly and use, while excellent products to clean them and feed them, but you need to assess their texture, appearance, growth is very slow, or if, the whole, with the presence of various types of spots indicates the lack of nutritional elements, such as football , the Iron , Sulfur and vitamins such as B6 and B12.


It ‘good to pay attention to what you eat when these elements are found weak body. Are right for our dairy products, preferring not only milk, but yogurt, hard cheeses, which transfer the exact dose that protein is good for what I am explaining, as some types of meat, such as, beef, the turkey and the liver. The fish, you should not absolutely rule out because it can guarantee an excellent intake of Omega-3 so that we can consume it daily via herring, anchovies and salmon this acid rich in unsaturated essential for the health and that, in our case, it helps to have shiny hair and nails strong. Are necessary, therefore, proteins that in vegetarians may be made ​​by plant sources, such as soybeans, and any variety of legumes.

Calcium should never be lacking and you can always supplement with that which comes from milk, such as superscripts and eating green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce. The fish have a wonderful feature about because they contain iron which promotes the growth along with red meat, nuts and legumes, and molybdenum , one of the main minerals essential for the production of fibrous protein of the group of arteriosclerosis widespread in fabrics, the keratin.

Serve a good function, the wheat germ, onion and garlic because they are rich Silicon, another key component required for hair and nails to be admired, such as Zinc present in various foods signed in brown rice and eggs. Their health, as you can see from what I wrote, it starts from the table. The suggestions you have written possibly change for several days, without ever neglecting the fruits and vegetables that contain valuable minerals such as proteins.