Although it is very underrated, the liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It performs numerous vital functions useful to the daily sustenance and maintenance of the body. Foods that help your liver: firstly produces bile, which makes possible the absorption of fat from the intestine; is the fundamental source of energy for the cell life and is involved in numerous processes essential for the nutrition of human body cells.

The most important thing to consider for keeping the liver (and also the rest of the organs) in health is to maintain a healthy balanced diet, but there are some foods in particular that can improve or damage the health of the liver. Let us first consider those that may be useful.

Behind every liver lies a perfectly healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but there are many other foods that can help purify the liver such as garlic, whose ability to help the body rid itself of toxins has been repeatedly demonstrated; the foods rich in vitamin C (especially grapefruit, lemons and carrots), green tea and apple pectin and rich in catechize, respectively, elements loaded with antioxidants that then promote the elimination of toxins from the digestive tract; Finally, also the extra virgin olive oil, if used in moderation, can be extremely useful to lighten the load of toxins on the liver.

There are also many foods that must be avoided to keep your liver healthy. First, it is important to limit the salt as retains fluids in the blood vessels, and is the main cause of the reduced protein synthesis in the liver; prevent the abuse of proteins because the liver would be hard to dispose of and finally limited (or better yet eliminated) sugars and saturated fats tend to accumulate in the liver, and especially, as we all know, even an excess of alcohol can be extremely harmful for our liver.