To keep our brain always in perfect shape and responsive is very important to follow a certain power by giving more space and preference to certain foods which are specific rich in beneficial properties for the brain itself , and help to maintain always efficient. In this guide I will list a few that you might employ regularly in your diet. Some of them certainly know very well, others may prove to be a real surprise . To know them read the guide below.

The first food that is listed in order of abundance of omega 3, very useful to keep the brain young and always responsive is the blue fish . In particular, we must remember mackerel and sardines, also useful to keep down the cholesterol level. Eating one or two times a week oily fish helps to maintain a good intake of omega 3. The same rule also applies to the egg, which can be alternated with the fish once a week or every ten / twelve days. If you are used to accompany your meal with a salad, do not forget the red radicchio.


Always in salads you can also add a few kernels of walnuts or almonds are rich in antioxidant properties and vitamin E, very useful to counter senile dementia. Alternatively, another food to add to salads, and are also rich in omega 3 flax seed. Salads made ​​from these foods with tomato or even beetroot, provide an excellent supply of omega 3, of proteins useful in the protection of neurons and vitamin E. If you like to expand your eating habits, you may also take the curry (used mainly in India) to prepare the tasty dishes rich in antioxidants, and avocado.

Even the broccoli Brussels and broccoli in general are good foods to protect, nourish and make more efficient the brain perfectly. In addition, with regard to the fruit, you can opt for for prunes or you can simply enjoy excellent fresh apples, berries, blueberries and melons, specifically, cantaloupe and kiwi. f you do not want to miss anything, then you can also enjoy the extra dark chocolate, no added sugar, more rich in antioxidant properties. Finally, a good green tea or even coffee are perfectly suited to this diet .