Insomnia is a growing problem in modern society. The lifestyle that many people are forced to adopt does not help to reconcile the sleep. Few sports activities, work late and fast food are the worst enemies of those who desire a well-deserved night’s rest. If you can not change your habits, try not to fall into the easy solution given by the drugs. There are an infinite number of drops and pills that promise long dreams, but who also have a number of contraindications to keep in consideration. Instead, why not simply try to take foods that help you sleep better? That’s what.


Countless scientific studies have now shown how nutrition can prevent and cure many physical ailments. Insomnia is one of them and can be fought through the elements which are naturally contained in food. Dairy products, for example, are rich in Aristophanes. This amino acid is involved in the synthesis of serotonin is converted into melatonin, important in the regulation of sleep cycle wake. Eat cheese and drink milk before bedtime improves the peaceful night’s sleep is essential to regenerate the physical and mental faculties.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that an elaborate dinner and fat puts strain on the digestive system and prevents sagging. Is essential, therefore, consume light preparations and possibly rich in potassium. This mineral, in fact, helps muscle relaxation. We are rich in legumes and bananas. Also peaches, cherries and apricots are fruits Friends good sleep. Vitamin PP and zinc, which are rich, stimulating a calming effect.

Finally, we remember especially cereals and oats. It contains large amounts of vitamin B and magnesium that strengthen and balance the nervous system by releasing a sedative and calming. It is, therefore, ideal to regain stability after a stressful day of work or study. Together with the power you are looking to follow some general tips such as those who plan to reduce the intake of caffeine and eat the last meal of the day, two hours before going to sleep to have time to complete the process of digestion.