Diet comprises 70% of my success. I maintain about 1,500-2,000 calories per day. Most people fail to realize that diet is so important. However, diet without exercise is next to useless. Although I was slimmer, I still felt sluggish. In a sense I had to rebuild much of the muscle mass I lost. I had to regain my old strength. Plus I wanted to feel better, to do more activities and to enjoy life more. Today we will cover about the importance of a good fitness routine. And fitness routine is too much helpful for every people.

fitness routine

I started by joining a gym and set a routine of exercise at least three times per week. On one session I joined an exercise class. This class was intense and kept the routine at a high level for an extended period. I found that when I was by myself I would tend to slack off and spend too much time chatting with friends.

Exercise can be categorized in two broad sets of activities: cardio and muscle toning.

Fitness Routine Cardio

Cardio exercises are the ones that get your heart pumping and increase your heart rate. It is when you raise your heart rate that you burn the most calories. We must remember that each pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. It is easy to gain a pound of two just by eating a big meal with dessert. That meant that my exercise routine had to burn off these two pounds. A good cardio routine will burn off about 1,200 to 1,500 calories. The machines I use vary. I switch off on the treadmill, rowing, elliptical, speed bikes, running, power walking and swimming to keep up the momentum. The machines can be set for difficulty. It is best to start out at a normal rate then increase it during the workout. Then I slow it down before ending each one. I do the same for my power walking or running. Usually this is at least one or two miles and preferably outdoors.

Muscle Toning

These exercises are designed to pump as much blood as possible to your extremities and capillaries. The goal is to rebuild muscle mass. They include pushups, sit-ups, planks, squats, lunges, stretching and weight- lifting, Most of them are done on a mat. There are machines that target specific muscles. For example, some will target legs or shoulders or core muscles. Here again, I switch off on different machines to keep toning on all parts of my body. One key area that needs constant attention is keeping the “core abdominal” muscles firm. These muscles help you in sitting, standing and your back.

For a plank, assume the push up position, lean on your elbows and hold for 30 seconds to one minute. For the lunge take a giant step forward bending down on one knee touching the floor. Alternate legs. To work on your love handles use a core ball and swing it back and forth across your body while sitting. Weight lifting is one of the best exercise to keep your core abdominal muscles strong. Be careful. Start with small weights and increase slowly.

The combination of my diet and these exercises has toned my body and given me more energy.