Heart failure results from a narrowing of the coronary vessels, which carry the blood to the heart . The heart muscle no longer receives oxygen and immediately stops its functions. The heart goes into necrosis and, if not treated properly, it stops working. For this, the first aid is essential in case of heart attack . We must act suddenly, to curb the symptoms and reduce the possible damage to the heart. Only with proper intervention, the victim of a heart attack can overcome the crisis. In the following steps, we will show you how to recognize the signs of a heart attack. We will give you also the useful tips on first aid and treatments to be taken.

heart attack


The symptoms of a heart attack are quite obvious. The victim begins to suffer severe pain in the left chest. The spasms can affect the back and arm, until it touches the shoulder and neck. The person accuses a feeling of oppression and suffocation. Feels the intense pains in the chest, with varying intensity and constant. Have problems breathing and begins to sweat visibly. In some cases, however, the infarction may also occur painless. In the absence of proper medical equipment, it is not easy to understand the severity of infarction. Therefore, a timely first aid becomes providential for heart disease.


The first step to take to help the heart disease is to immediately contact 118. The same medical staff will provide guidance on how to behave. Try to reassure the myocardium. Stress and tension, in fact, cause an increase in blood flow. Keep the person in half-sitting position, to encourage a shift Ardelia through the lungs. Check breathing and pulse. Do not take medicines to the sick, without consulting a doctor. If you have oxygen, maladministration immediately to heart disease. Will help you to breathe more easily.


In severe cases, the infarction may follow a cardiac arrest . In that case, first aid must provide a heart massage. Place the myocardium on a rigid, in the supine position. Gently palpate the costal arch, to find the compression point. It corresponds to the area where the ribs and sternum are joined. Place fingers on the point and pressed with the palm of the other hand. The movements should be regular and constant. For ventilation, you must make the rescue breaths to oxygenate the blood . Repeat the massage until the arrival of medical personnel. One last tip. In the case of infarcted person, not panic. Make the first aid maneuvers with calm and lucidity.