Thus, the bikini figure can not be long in coming, you should also do something about it. Running, jogging and walking would be a good start here.

Summer is now almost in the wings and women still dream of a swimsuit? But then it’s really fast – stop the dreaming and do something! Only be because of the small excess fat that has accumulated over the winter not disappear. First, it is, however, overcome the “inner demon” and find the right sport. While pressing the one quite like the gym, others might prefer to go swimming, biking or try your hand at walking, jogging or running. No matter which sport you choose, one, it is one of will and perseverance.

Every beginning is difficult, but if you approach it slowly and increase workouts gradually, you will be in a few weeks to post the first successes. You will feel fitter and more comfortable in your skin. You can recover from the stresses of everyday life, like – yes recover. Power up quiet time and sweat from the stress and hassles just go away. Afterwards, a relaxing shower and you’ll feel like a new person. Maybe not right at the beginning, because in the first few days it might be considerably sore muscles. But this goes – you have to grit your teeth and keep only the. The more you exercise, the more and more the sport is in your life and feels almost as naturally to.


Before you start training

So before you begin your training, you should be aware of some. Let us begin with the right clothes. Choose breathable and comfortable clothing. The best sports shoes may not be missing here. Please note that sports shoe sports shoe is not equal. you need to run running shoes , soccer shoes and football shoes for basketball basketball. The shoes must be comfortable and well padded, so that the foot has optimum grip inside. Choose a shoe that does not fit properly by the foot has too much play and is poorly padded, then this has consequences under certain circumstances – blisters and pressure points are only the smallest problem. Joint pain and muscle injuries can be the result.

10 tips for your workouts

1. Choose a sport that you enjoy, that you voluntarily and willingly, because then the bikini figure is soon nothing in the way.
2. Perhaps you find yourself a training partner, because as a couple makes the sport much more enjoyable.
3. Music makes the ideal sports companion.
4. Wear comfortable clothes!
5. Warm up before each workout!
6. Start slowly! 10 minutes is a good solution to start with.
7. Work out only three times a week!
8. Increase the workouts gradually, so that you create problems for about two to three weeks a stint of 30 minutes.
9. Drink plenty of water during your workout!
10. Relax after your workout and loosen the muscles with simple shake and stretch exercises.