The low blood pressure, or hypo tension, is a disorder that afflicts many people. Most of the time it comes to a sick passenger, caused by momentary circumstances, such as excessive sweating or vomiting and diarrhea, with consequent loss of fluids and minerals. Still others, is a congenital condition, which is not necessarily degenerates into real disease states. In some cases, unfortunately, is linked to other diseases, such as heart problems, acute allergic reactions, malnutrition, and degenerative diseases of the nervous system. hypo tension, occurs when extemporaneously, is manifested by symptoms quite obvious: fatigue, dizziness, up to nausea or even fainting. Unless determined by pre-existing pathological factors, you can fight low blood pressure with some tricks.

With the approach of the hot season in the risk of hypotensive crisis is more common, especially for women and older people. It should, therefore, follow a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, significantly reducing carbohydrates. Avoid being long-standing or immovable property and, if sitting, get up slowly. If possible, limit the use of alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs. Take a lot of fluids between meals, especially mineral water.


Pay close attention to food, trying to eat and drink rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and protein: red meat, liver, legumes, eggs, spinach, bananas, green tea; others, such as coffee, dried fruit and chocolate, are allowed, but in moderate doses. Increase the frequency of meals from three to five reducing the amount: eat little and often is preferable to eat plenty and distance. Do not combine foods based on carbohydrates with protein foods, because they overload the metabolic functions.

Helping with plant-based natural remedies: herbal teas and infusions with herbs products always give excellent results, without using high financial resources. plants like sage and liquorice are rich in beneficial substances and play an invigorating and stimulating effect on the pressure in blood. You can prepare a good brew to drink several times a day with green tea, sage and licorice root or in the form of dough. For a liter of herbal tea takes 4 green tea bags bio, a few leaves of fresh sage, a teaspoon of pure licorice. Pour the ingredients into the boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.