The diabetes is a disease that can be kept at bay by following a balanced diet, not to deprive yourself of important foods and making attention to the amount. Often a person with diabetes is also overweight, for this reason it is good to know how to fight diabetes with fruit with fruit and fight your intake of simple sugars.

If you have diabetes it is known that should look good from including in your diet not only the sugars and sweets, but also the amount of carbohydrates, which in turn contain sugars. For this reason, during meals is good not to associate two food source of carbohydrates. Regarding the fruit, it does not contain sugar but the fructose which is a simple sugar rapid absorption. It is well tolerated by diabetics because, to be synthesized by the body and does not require the hormone insulin unlike other types of sugars. Here’s one of the reasons why it is good to eat fruit. According to a Harvard University study of eating fruits is the best way to prevent a form of diabetes type 2, the one that occurs in adulthood and is the most widespread in the absolute sense.


The study showed that foods such as blueberries, berries, apples, grapes can reduce by as much as 26% the risk of falling into this form of diabetes, and in patients who are already suffering, it helps to maintain the low glycemic index. The discovery that most amazed at is that in the past it was believed that a fruit juice had the same sugar intake of fresh fruit and it is not. It’s okay to eat the right amounts of a product and not a fresh juice on an industrial scale that contains added sugars. In particular, grapes , berries and blueberries contain important substances such as antioxidants and poly phenols and anthologists more that exert a beneficial effect on circulation and on the levels of sugar in the blood ( blood sugar ).

In particular it has been found that apples contain a substance called pectin, which is also beneficial. It is therefore necessary to dispel the widespread belief that diabetics can not eat the fruit sugar, just calibrate the amount and know which fruit to eat in particular.