With the arrival of winter, with the sudden drop in temperature and the beginning of the first cold, it is increasingly subject to incur various diseases. Sometimes they can be diseases which cause fever, but they do acknowledge a bad one sense of physical discomfort. Dry cough, runny stuffy nose ( cold ) are the most important and frequent symptoms that cause a state of weariness and despondency general. In your help to combat these impairments will be the essential oils which, thanks to fumigation and sprays, unleash your way around the oral mucus in them.


In many cases, the vapors of the oils mixed with hot water are easily able to eliminate all that mucus that clogs the airways and prevent you from breathing easily. Their properties are very effective, and sometimes solve the problem of better medicines, which must limit its use. With oils not only can you make some good fumigation but you can easily soak a handkerchief and sniff it with a few drops every now and then to relieve the bad feeling of stuffy nose. Also, adding to a vaporizer or machine of aerosol, you grant quickly a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Eucalyptus, lemon and thyme are a viable option to decrease visibly all the symptoms of the diseases cooling. Always keep a bottle at home, in case of need, it may be useful to make you feel immediately at best. You can also prepare you put boiling water in a bowl along with a couple of chamomile tea bags and, after removing the bags, add a few drops of oil essential, then put your tray on a plane and fell head over it by covering with a cloth. The vapors from the oils will facilitate the expectorate the oral tract, leaving you the opportunity to breathe without any problem.

If you have difficulty in breathing at night and the cough does not give you any rest you can put in your vaporizer and a few drops of these oils, closing the door of the chamber, the vapors will spread quickly throughout the environment and your body will receive great and immediate benefits. The oils can also be used to perform massages go, the camphor in liquid form, for example, helps a lot. Let yourself be massaged on the chest and over your shoulder, mixed with about 12 drops of almond oil are sufficient for a fast decrease in the mucus. After massaging the area just cover it with a woolen cloth, previously heated, and leave it on all night. The same morning probably better immediately. The camphor drops, put in boiling water, is an excellent option to drill fumigation in the absence of thyme, eucalyptus or lemon and soon your airway will be freed completely and you can breathe without any problem .