Winter is a cold time. Quick is used for antibiotic. But there is another way, gently and still be effective.

Scratchy throat, runny nose, head and body aches. Right now in the harsh winter time is near at all affected by these symptoms. Often remains the inevitable trip to the doctor. Especially if fever still comes down to and the complaints persist longer than 1-2 weeks. For the” lighter” cases, there are some tips and tricks on how to beat this cold wave naturally” just”.

Antibiotics vs. the” natural” herbal medicine

Antibiotics, with the drug of first choice when it comes to bacterial infections. It has already saved the lives of many people, and. Hooray for science, that one is something available Yet it is only in bacteria. Many colds and even the dreaded influenza (flu) are viral nature. And how to derive the name already can anti-bio, it seems more against our nature, because man is trillion Therefore, one should consider it, if only for the numerous side effects if and when it is used.


Natural remedy for the pesky visitors

1) sore throat hurt and affect the whole, profane basics such as food and drink. Sage in all variations and neck wrap can quickly and reliably provide a remedy. The trade offers sage as throat lozenges and various teas. A combination of both is probably the most appropriate method. The neck wrap can be made of curd or healing earth. It is important to leave it so long on the neck, up quark or earth have become hard. When Quark can even recognize the resulting gray color was gone as far to the inflammation. As accompanying and supporting measure there in pharmacies excellent Lozenges acting anesthetic and anti-inflammatory.

2) runny nose, sit side, frontal and maxillary sinuses. Man feels bad is to sleep to think so hardly. Decongestant nasal sprays are of course the first choice. By the dose of these sprays but keep in moderation, it should be considered to create a nasal douche. These are typically available at any pharmacy. Using sea salt, rinse the nose, 2 times through the day. In addition, you get a pot of water on to boil. Pours into chamomile (also available at any pharmacy) and can boil the water slowly. The face is then held over the resulting chamomile steam. Of course, a certain distance be maintained so it does not get too hot. This method has several advantages. You can almost always be performed during a stay in the kitchen, in all its activities. The vapors pass into the entire face, act exactly where it should be. A positive side effect is that the skin is fresher and the complexion more even, radiant. And the big advantage for small children who still can not inhale properly: When Mama in her arms and in compliance with the safety distance, and they get in a natural way with some of the fumes.

3) Cough no chance. Breathing difficulties, constantly scratchy throat, the bronchi are. wooden tees with fennel honey soothe the cough and expectorant effect. The chest should be kept warm. This is best done with an ointment from the pharmacy to the bronchi or you warmed olive oil, lubricates this on a cotton cloth and place it on the chest. The whole effect is enhanced by a warm or hot water bottle on it Koernerkissen sets. And also vapors excellent help. Put a pot of water on the stove and teas such as thyme, bronchial cough, sage, chamomile and Colds in the water tilt, bring the water to a boil and inhale the fumes. It feels good and facilitates expectoration and breathing.

4) In case of fever and body aches help probably best yet bed rest and drink plenty of fluids. The proven calf wrap and also linden. Much sleep and all exude. Instead of cold compresses, you can pull over and wet socks, they should not be cold, as cold compresses, but only lukewarm.

With every cold and outside, watch out for an adequate fluid intake and take Vitamin C with Zinc themselves. The latter, of course, only as a dietary supplement. Provided a diet with the constituents of the known food pyramid.