Winter is almost upon us. Although this year, experts have recorded the warmest November since 1800, the first frosts are beginning to peep. You have already made ​​the change of season? You have already pulled out scarves, gloves and hats? A warm clothing and a house always at the right temperature count, but there are other small attentions to keep in mind if you do not want to stay locked in the house with a good influence! In this tutorial we will give you some useful advice on how to fight the cold weather. Happy reading!

cold weather

Someone said “we are what we eat”. Nothing could be more true. Our body is affected greatly by what we feed it. The power is important, in particular with the arrival of the first cold . There are certain foods that can barely Escherichia from viruses and bacteria that spread during the winter season . First of all those that contain vitamin C . Go ahead and then to oranges, kiwi, lettuce and radicchio. The vitamin C, as well as being a powerful antioxidant, has an excellent anti-inflammatory action. Also take a good supply of minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium will help you fight the first cold.

e winter season. There are several remedies to help strengthen your immune system . You can do it yourself with lactic acid bacteria and prebiotic. Or ask your herbalist of confidence to get some natural prepared with specific elements against the first cold. Excellent in this sense preventive care based. For athletes, arginine and glutamine also help to strengthen the defenses in the first frosts.

Another important tip to fight the cold weather concerns the temperature of our homes. It’s always nice to come home and find a warm, with the heaters always turned on and set the maximum temperature. But this is not good for our health. When we get out of the house, the temperature change may be too sharp. This could lead to sudden fretted resulting in colds or sore throats. Experts advise not to set the temperature of their home in winter above twenty degrees centigrade.