What kind of fasting is it? Of fasting in the hospital until the juice fasting at home, anyone can find out for themselves what is right by the fasting.

There are various forms of fasting, which differ in their length and in that which the body is supplied during this time. For every human being does not come into question any treatment, it is ultimately the goal and the motivation of the individual from.

Fasting is not an opportunity for permanent weight loss

The occasional short fasts are not suitable to get rid of the hassle in the long term obesity. Anyone else have a healthy diet and regular weight can, so a gaffe by 1 or 2 days of fasting iron out. Fasting may be the effect of apple cider vinegar can be increased to support this because with its high proportion of potassium, which can be draining and purification.

Fasting on certain days: Fast switching days

The difference between fasting and fasting opportunity leap days is the regularity of the implementation. The leap days are inserted either into every or every other week. Sometimes switched days are enough in a time interval of 3 to 4 weeks, the incidence is not as important as the regular performance of plays Rolled. Fasting should always be on the same 1 or 2 days a week. For more professionally Clamped offers because of the larger rest of the weekend. Almost to the day shift may also be drinking juice. Through these days are loaded heart, circulation, metabolism, and also the internal organs repeatedly and regularly relieved temporarily. Time in which they can recover and strengthen. For many people it has been shown that a very high blood pressure can be regulated again. The whole skin can be improved , it looks fresher and younger.


Which fasts are there?

A 1 to 3-day short fasting with herbal tea may affect some acute illness rates. The body is relieved of the digestive and metabolic work. The short fasting is recommended as self-help in cases of acute gastro-intestinal diseases , but only if there is no higher fever or general health is seriously compromised. When you buy either ready fasting tea medicinal tea blends or preparing the mixture of herbs , depending on the recipe itself. For colds / flu are suitable elderberry or lime.

Fasting under supervision at the right and lasting weight loss

Such treatment should be performed only after consultation with a physician or therapist that determines the duration, monitored the progress and if it should become necessary, prescribed precautions and restrictions. Has been for many centuries in medicine known fasting may extend over a period of 5 to 7 days or longer stretch to achieve optimal results. Sometimes it may be better to go to a special clinic or in a fast cure in the hands of professionals.

Can lose weight by fasting up to 5 days

The prolonged fasting should also be carried out only under the supervision of a therapist. The cure begins at home a week before the total Fasten kurzkur with the change in eating habits. Meat, cured meats and animal fats can hardly be eaten, it is best avoided entirely, in favor of raw food before, vegetables and wholesome grains. In the strict fasting, only herbal tea and mineral water to drink, followed by a 2-day fast-breaking, to the body again to switch to the normal diet.