As a family dentist, you know that the greatest challenge your family dentistry practice faces today is increasing the number of patients who walk through your door. Statistics tells us that a successful dental practice should see between twenty-five and thirty new patients for every dentist on staff each month. However, a great many dentists are seeing just a fraction of that number so what can you do about it? Here are some ideas which could help you increase the number of new patients you obtain and which could even turn many of those new patients into regular patients who visit your practice on a regular basis.


Count on Patient Referrals

While it is certainly helpful to advertise your family dentistry practice on TV, billboards, radio and with signage placed around town, it’s a better idea to focus most of your advertising efforts on the current patients you already have. It’s been found that the majority of new patients do indeed come for patient referrals. In order to ensure that your current patients will recommend you as a good family dentist to use, always focus on providing them with outstanding service and care.

You can do small things your patients appreciate like calling them at home after they’ve had a procedure done to see how they’re doing. You can also make a very good impression on your patients by making your waiting area very family-friendly. You could offer free WiFi, have a game room for kids and provide your patients with free drinks while waiting to see the family dentist. You also could run a few promotions wherein your patients are rewarded for referring patients to you. Use your imagination and think as your patients would so you can come up with a few ideas of your own which are well-suited to your family dentistry practice.

Be Sure that Your Family Dentistry Practice Runs on Time

If there’s one major beef many patients have about dental offices, it is that they hate having to wait for a long period of time to see a dentist. If you find that your patients are waiting for longer than 15 minutes to see a doctor, make the necessary changes so that they get in shortly after being greeted by your receptionist. If that means you have to hire a new dental assistant, office staff member or dental hygienist, then so be it. When your family dentistry practice becomes known for running on time, it’s very likely that your current patients will recommend your practice to the people they know.

Hire a SEO Firm

Today, the average person who is looking for a new family dentist to use first turns to the internet. This means that you need to have a website online that is well-designed and optimized for the internet. A good idea would be to hire a reputable SEO firm that has been in business for several years. You could have these experts improve your current website if you have one or ask them to make you a brand new website from the ground up and then put it on the web.

SEO is an on-going practice that involves a lot of work including doing keyword research and creating content to add to your site on a regular basis. In short, if you think one of your web-savvy office staff can handle all the SEO work for your family dentistry practice, think again because it takes a lot of time and dedicated hard work to get a website ranked high in the search engine result pages.