The myth than bread or water, fat, slimming food or fattening foods, are among the many false beliefs of the population.

There are a number of beliefs that come to our ears and go from one person to another, which are false. These errors can cause us to choose the wrong diets and bad information can lead to serious problems such as dehydration or a deficiency of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A popular myth is wrong, which is less fattening fruit before eating it for dessert. The fruit gives the same calories, Which are usually few, both before, during, and after eating.There are many myths, the following are a small part of them.


The availability of food can make us lose weight. Slimming foods

False. There is no food make us lose weight, because any food, for very little power generated will always be greater than the amount of energy consumed by the body to digest. As there are no slimming foods.

The popular belief that fat water

False. Our body needs 2 to 3 liters per day to function properly. In addition, drinking water helps us sated, and that fills the stomach thereby reducing appetite. Fluid retention is a condition of the body which can cause fluid buildup in certain areas, but this does not mean fattening water, if not a disorder that is treatable with diuretics. The hot water consumption or certain times of day does not help you lose weight.

The bread fattening

False. Bread consumption in excess fat itself, but not normal consumption, because it has calories like any type of food. What are fattening bread accompaniments, such as sauces or oils. The bread provides carbohydrates and fiber, especially if it is comprehensive. It contains more calcium than rice More protein than milk and more iron than fruits.

Fattening carbohydrates more than protein

False. Both nutrients, Contribute about 4 calories per gram, so fat alike. The most fattening nutrient is fat, as it provides 9 calories per gram, more than double that carbohydrates and proteins. This belief is based diets such as the famous miracle Dukan diet.

The salt favors the accumulation of fat

False. Salt is not fattening, and favors the accumulation of fat. Excessive drinking can cause increased blood pressure and fluid retention, therefore, recommended in diets moderate your intake to prevent fluid retention and because it is a healthy habit, not because fattening.

Mixing certain food groups helps you lose weight. Dissociated Diets

False. The subsistence decoupled, which can not mix certain types of foods, such as carbohydrates with protein, are false. By not combining certain foods or eat them separately, either fat or thin. May be more desirable, for example, meat and potatoes than meat alone, but that did not get fatter. In conclusion, it is ideal for weight loss calorie eating a balanced diet that includes all kinds of foods to avoid saturated fats, meats and bakery products, to be consumed in moderation. It is very important to put in the hands of a professional nutritionist to follow the diet best suited to each case, thus avoiding falling into nutritional fallacies as mentioned above.