Menstrual cycle in order to allow sexual reproduction occurs by natural changes in the uterus and ovaries, cycles; Endogenous timing of biological cycles (internal) is controlled by. Ovaries of the menstrual cycle to prepare the uterus for pregnancy is essential for the production; And some female primates are only fertile women. (When was the last cycle) in women, menstruation, age of menarche (when it begins the cycle) and menopause occurs repeatedly in. Ovarian and uterine cycle: the menstrual cycle has been broken.

Changes occur in cycles of ovarian follicles of the ovaries, and the uterine endometrial lining of the uterus that occur in cycles of change. Both cycles can be divided into three phases; follicular phase, ovulation: ovarian cycle has been broken. Guides to follow in the footsteps of some of the information you find is false menstruation and how to recognize them. Some species of animals were performed in female menstrual cycle and the end of an egg cell maturation and preparation of a fabric is suitable to the tree is a sequence of physiological changes in the journal.


At the beginning of the pregnancy, the fetus in the uterus to establish the reason some women simply because they are “false menstruation” is called menstruation, such bleeding may be present and do not cause any problems. At the input of the fetus the uterus is small rupture of varicose or modification: in other cases, for various reasons, including false menstruation can happen.

Fabrication flow is accompanied by abdominal pain and lasts for a week or even three months, whether can be less of both. Menstruation usually harmless and the result is false and is free at the end compared to the first quarter; Their duration is typically not exceed two to three days. Is different from the normal cycle of false cycles, it’s a completely different look and color to recognize the absence of bright red, but pinkish or brownish discoloration is very simple.