As adults you complete dentition with the birth of the third molars, which sometimes can be removed to prevent various illnesses that may arise. In this regard, it is recommended to read the proposed content on the extraction of wisdom teeth, the reasons that lead to this surgery and how to recover from it.

Is taken to prevent crooked teeth and malocclusion, maintaining proper alignment and correct position of the entire dentition. You make also when the patient demonstrates a dental crowding , disturbing, so her chewing and cleaning that has to do every day, perfectly in the same area discussed, not to cause tooth decay, inflammation and how many other diseases, or even when the tooth judgment can not escape from the bone and jawbone if there are serious infections which cause sore teeth chronic.


That is why it is important for the dentist to perform the extraction, whereas the professional, must first receive appropriate information about the patient, if you are allergic to materials or products that they usually employ for this type of operation, if it is diabetic or suffering from other diseases. In fact, for at least 48 hours after surgery, can not chew anything he wants. Are given soft foods, such as broths of chicken, baked apples and pears, pudding, yogurt etc. Neither too cold or very hot .

Must carefully observe the directions that your doctor has left in writing, without removing the gauze from the wound for at least 30 minutes after the intervention as not to interrupt the clotting process. After this time it is good to keep the part always clean. If the bleeding persists, past 12 hours, it is good to replace the gauze with a damp tea bags that, at room temperature, help the formation of the platelet plug, and consequently make it possible to speed healing and to facilitate healing.

To relieve the pain and swelling is important that you apply on the cheek of the ice during the first 24 hours, and subsequently, upon instructions of the dentist, something warm, so that the treated area is swollen. The patient should also rest your back while keeping your head up with more pillows.