When you want to become pregnant, you must know in detail all the important aspects that pass through your body and all possible cases or circumstances that can occur, however remote. In this article, you will know what the extra uterine or called ectopic pregnancy is. in addition to knowing what the causes are, the symptoms they usually have and the treatment for this problem that can be very dangerous if not detected in time.

ectopic pregnancy

What is extra uterine pregnancy?

In a conventional pregnancy, the ova that have come out of the ovary spermatozoa intercept traveling through the fallopian tubes. Once the conception of the embryo has taken place, it will be placed in the uterus, joining the uterine walls so that, for approximately 9 months, the fetus that will give birth to the baby will develop.

But it happens that, occasionally, the fertilized ovum does not make this tripĀ  from the fallopian tubes to the uterus but is located elsewhere, producing in this case extra uterine or ectopic pregnancy. Although they can occur in many, other parts of the body, such as the cervix, ovaries or even in the abdomen. Among these types of pregnancies, the most common is the so-called tubal pregnancy.

Symptoms of extra uterine pregnancy

Due to its generousness, it is important that, the sooner it is known that you have a pregnancy of these characteristics, the better, since not only will the maternal health be guaranteed. Symptoms may appear within a few weeks after conception, including nausea or tenderness in the breasts. As the symptoms are very similar to those that a woman can feel in this first period, it is always advisable to go to the gynecologist once it is known that she is pregnant to avoid risks.

After the first few weeks, the problem can be greatly aggravated so keep in mind that if you suffer some of the ailments that you will find next we recommend that you do not take more time to go to your doctor to treat you. At the beginning, it is very common to bleed through the vagina, as well as to feel pain in the lumbago. In many cases, these pains become colic, especially on one side, which will be the place where the problem occurs. This intense pain will occur in the pelvic area, but always in the lower area.

These will be the first symptoms that, if you go ahead without treatment for ectopic pregnancy, may lead to low blood pressure, fainting and very intense pains attached to a more continuous sacred. Many factors can lead to an extra uterine pregnancy, so you have to keep in mind all the causes that we expose you. It is true that in some other case the cause has not been known since the main factors were not fulfilled, for a reason one must always be alert.

Among the main causes is having in the fallopian tubes a congenital defect that has made it possible to obstruct the egg instead of lowering into the uterus. Problems with appendicitis can also lead to this problem. Although not usually occur in many cases, endometriosis can occur in these tissues blocking the output of the egg. In addition to these, it should be taken into account that, when a woman is over 35 years of age, the risk factor increases greatly and ectopic pregnancy can occur. It should be kept in mind that any woman who has previously operated on the genital organs can cause this problem, so they must have a more thorough follow-up by the professionals.

Once the patient has been diagnosed, it must be known that it is impossible to continue with the pregnancy since it would put the mother at risk, which could lead to death. For this reason, a treatment must be performed according to the two cases that can be given. In the first case in which the mother has not suffered any rupture of tissue, a small surgery can be performed in which the embryo will be removed to prevent it from developing. It can also be treated by means of medicines with which the pregnancy is terminated, as long as the expert sees fit.