For hardcore fans of the sport, for those who are just a lover of fitness on Sunday , or even for those who do not like to engage in physical activity, muscle stretching is a basic principle of everyday life. In fact, the muscles, if not encouraged, they tend to get shorter, and the body becomes so-called “woody”, struggling to make movements that the same body, well trained by stretching exercises , accomplished without any difficulty. It is simple exercises to be carried out also in the house and always, during the stretching and after heating, prior to practice their sport favorite.



Exercise 1: While seated, your legs and feet together, Florentia the bust and reached out toward your toes, without grabbing. It stays in the same position for about 10 seconds , then back to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times.
Exercise 2: While seated stretch your legs forward and flex the fingers grasping the soles of the feet; after 10 seconds in this position, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 3 times.
Exercise 3: While seated, separate your legs, keeping your toes upward. Keeping your arms at the top, with the back straight , bend first to the right leg to hold the foot, then towards the center placing his hands on the ground, then to the left leg, grabbing your foot. The exercise should be performed 15 times.
Through these stretches you work on the biceps femoral.

Exercise 4: Stand up, standing on the right leg, placing his right hand on the floor and grabbing his left ankle of the left foot, bending the leg at the knee and pulling the leg as much as you can to the top . The exercise is repeated 5 times for each leg.
Exercise 5: From a standing position, lift your right leg on a table top building with the left leg at an angle of 90 °. Stretching and flexing your torso forward, grasp the right foot, pushing his head against the knee, thus lengthening the muscles of the trunk.
Exercise 6: From a standing position to take a step forward and bend your right leg at the knee , holding out his left hand and bowing slightly behind your torso forward. Repeat 10 times for each leg.
These exercises stretch the extensors of the thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and inner thighs.


Exercise 7: lying in the prone position, legs stretched out with knees and chest touching the floor, put your hands on the ground at the shoulders, bending your arms at the elbows, then lift your torso tilting it back with Repeat the head 10 times.
Exercise 8: While seated, your left leg straight and the right bent at the knee, rotate your torso to the right resting his right arm on the floor and relying, for the rotation, with his left arm against his leg flexed. The position must be maintained for 10 seconds, repeat the exercise on both sides 5 times. Exercise 9: Flex and bow his neck to the right, left, forward, at different angles, taking care not to force, especially in lateral bending for 3 minutes. These exercises stretch the muscles and the extensors side of the trunk, in addition to the neck muscles are particularly important for those who sit in office chairs or spends a lot of time at the computer.