Hip pain or trochanter, called trocanteritis affects adults and usually attacks from one side more than the other. What exercises quickly relieve pain.

The hip is the largest joint in the human body. Each hip supports half the weight of the body but also generates large movements that allow walking, running, jumping and gymnastic activities. Closely related to the lumbar spine and groin, hip pain or hip pain is due to many causes.

Why hip hurts? Main causes of hip pain

There are several reasons that cause discomfort to hip level. The most common are:

* Osteoarthritis of the hip
* inflammation of the bursa overlying the greater trochanter
* Some back pain can radiate down one or both hips
* Muscle spasms
* Bone diseases such as tumors
* And obviously, post hip replacement surgery

Exercises to relieve hip pain

The pyramid is a muscle located in the pelvis, and that when contractual, until trocanteritis simulates from lumbar sciatic pain. An exercise to elongate is:

Lying on the floor with your legs up against a wall and the tail well near the wall as an angle of 90 °. Bend your right leg and support the outer edge of the foot on the left thigh, as forming a 4. With your right hand to push the right knee toward the wall. You should feel a tension or elongation in the right hip, as deep in the buttocks. Is piriformis muscle. To progress in the exercise, you can go bending the left leg sliding the heel against the wall, while still pushing the right knee. Aim to avoid the tail off the ground. Do the same with the opposite leg.


How to stretch the quadriceps

Another muscles greatly affect the hip, the thigh:

* Standing, holding his right ankle with your right hand and trying to touch the right buttock. Ensure that both knees are level, which usually ahead elongating. In that case, pry back until they are even, and sustain.

* Another way is lying face down, passing a tape through the ankle and pull with the other hand trying, again, that the foot touches the tail. It is a good exercise to start if you are very shortened. You can also try sitting squat tail support on the feet, and from there go pulling the trunk backwards.

In all cases the position of elongation be maintained for at least 40 seconds to achieve a lasting and effective. Performing these stretches once a day at least 3 times for each leg, one elongated and avoiding keeping ensures that generate or increase hip pain. A test!