If, after a day’s work particularly intense and challenging, try a nagging feeling of numbness and pain on the hands and fingers, do not worry, you’ve found exercises for arthritic hands for you! An excessive use of the computer or mobile phone, in fact, or simply to carry out manual labor can cause frequent diseases, ranging to affect nerves, muscles, tendons and bones, with consequent inflammation and soreness.

If these hassles are undervalued, you can meet even more serious ailments, which can lead to osteoarthritis. Through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and relax your hands and fingers, you can easily solve the problem. Carefully read the steps of the tutorial and take advantage of the various suggestions given you will see that, with a minimum of perseverance and good will, you will get more results than satisfactory.



We recommend you start with the exercises of stretching, which play an important action for soothing and relaxing your muscles. Rest the elbow of your right hand on a plane, so that the forearm is perpendicular to it. Open your palm and grab the fingers, one by one, with his left hand, pulling each time for 5-6 seconds. So, grab a soft ball and tighten it, keeping in tension for 10-15 seconds Repeat with the other hand.


A proper training to give more force to the muscles will help you to more easily eliminate any soreness due to overexertion. Always with his elbows resting on a stand, open the palms of both hands, stretching your fingers well, and close at hand. Repeat this for 20 times, so as to improve joint mobility and blood circulation. Carry, opening of new by spread your palms and fingers and drawing closer to each other: in this case, perform a series of 20. Finally, the approach phalanx of each finger to the thumb, so as to form a sort of ring. Repeat 2 times on each hand and stop for a few seconds.