The arrival of summer brings us to retain warm clothes to make room for those that amplify light and low-cut tight if the bodily forms, and especially the breasts but in contrast to the winter period when they are covered by scarves, sweaters and jackets , you can see less when compared to summer in many cases you decide to do without the bra. To do so, it is still important to present a firm breasts then also tonic. For this reason, many more women resort to cosmetic surgery just to Krasnodar. If you want to avoid so this extreme case there is a natural and effective remedy and consists of a series of exercises to get a breast tonic . Let us see what are these exercises and how to put them into practice.

As the years pass the skin is subjected to a physiologically transformation that is manifested by an alteration of the fibers of collagen and elastin, which tend to dehydrate, and in the specific case of the breast causing a loss of muscle tone, causing the appearance of showy stretch marks.


To counteract this natural process can then do some toning exercises for your specific firming the breasts. The first exercise should be performed in the following way: take both hands and place them behind your neck with them and do some push-ups with your elbows leading them to join forwards (backwards instead of touching and should be aligned with the shoulders). This operation is repeated consecutively for at least 10 times, then after a break of 10/15 seconds should be repeated. The second exercise rather to join the two palms of the hands and after having been placed on the chest between the breasts, unite and must be repeated also in this case the exercise for at least 10 consecutive times, then after a short pause always a dozen seconds must be repeated. The third exercise for toning the breasts instead indicated is as follows: take the hands and clenching fist to fist, we act with movements called “scissor” or making drawings with the arms in the form of ics and just like a pair of scissors that is, by passing once the right hand behind the left and once forward, repeating this exercise for at least 15 times in a simple but effective way.

These three exercises if performed regularly and accompanied by firming creams to be applied at least twice a day, may soon lead to the best results and have a breast tonic within two or three months, just in time to be able to display prominently on the beach!