Before you start to tone and define your body with the body building and fitness, you need to have a workout plan , according to your needs and to your body size. Looking at your body and focusing on what you really need to do to it, you can define a custom program . It is essential to proceed in stages, otherwise there is the risk of getting hurt. In this guide we will see a series of exercises to do to help our body to tone up.

body building

We start with exercises related to the abdominal area , to make it toned, flat and defined. As a first exercise lie down on your back with legs outstretched. Then raise the shoulders , and simultaneously bend the legs, so that the knees are at an angle of about 45 °, trying to hold together the heels. Then we return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 10 times. For the second year, useful for abdominal oblique, must lie on his left side, holding his left arm stretched out to rest his head on the biceps and the palm of his right hand resting on the floor in front of his chest. Keep your legs together and alleviation simultaneously. After 10 repetitions, change side.

To tone your arms, you can use the weights. Putting us with the back straight and legs slightly bent, move your forearms backward, holding his arm outstretched and reportorial then at the pelvis. After repeating this exercise 10 times, we try to vary without altering the position of the legs and back , this time with arms stretched forward, bend your elbow, bringing the weight toward the shoulder. Also in this case we repeat the series for 10 times, then changing arm. Weights are of various sizes and the ideal would be to tone using a weight of 1 kg or 2 kg. More weight is useful instead to strengthen the muscle.

As for the exercises to firm and tone the buttocks, we can start with lunges , which are also useful for training the quadriceps . We stretch your arms at your sides, diametrical legs (as the width of the shoulders), then we make a step forward, taking the knee to the ankle well aligned. Then return to the starting position, repeat the movement with the other leg and repeat the exercise for 15 times. A variation is that of lunges with momentum, which serve to tone gluts, quadriceps and calves. With the upper body straight, we put the foot forward so that it forms an angle of about 90 degrees with the knee. We have then back the other foot so that the leg is vertical with respect to the pelvis. Pushing down on the quadriceps of the leg that is forward, let’s momentum upward, reversing the position of the legs, before returning to touch the ground.

The exercises have many variations, which depend on the physical nature and needs of each. Are exercises that we can play at home, in the gym, and even outdoors. The key thing is to start gradually, because only consistency will reward us with tangible results. It is important to start with a limited number of series of exercises to be performed, and only when the muscles are trained, it will be possible to gradually increase the frequency and difficulty. Adding to regular exercise, good nutrition and balanced, the results will not be long in coming.