As people get older, we need to adapt to exercise our abilities, skills and our health.

During the process of aging of human beings, we can observe how chronic diseases, acute motor and sensory deficiencies are appearing in our body. Through physical exercise adapted to these shortcomings and difficulties, combined with healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, we can achieve improved functional abilities of the individual.

Supervision of practitioners to exercise

Any physical activity, regardless of age and health status of the person, must be properly supervised by one or several specialists from different fields of medicine. This is absolutely necessary and indispensable when the individual in question is an older person . The specialist will schedule and supervise the activities that best suit the age and health status and form of the older person. Furthermore, this element will motivator and trainer, guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle, which will extend in time the good health and independence of the individual. With this optimal scheduling and monitoring, it can achieve levels of flexibility, coordination and balance enough to keep fit and health conditions suitable for the normal development of daily living and daily, and avoid, delay or buffer and possible diseases or pathologies typical of that age.

Other factors that are improved with exercise

As the older person devoting time to go do the exercises set by the specialists who will oversee, will more than likely have noticed a improvement in areas such as:


The quality of sleep: Improvement in quality and rest. The elderly person will feel better.
The stress: Exercise, stress out, get out of our concerns and makes us more alive.
Fatigue: Doctors and specialists tend Recommend exercise to combat fatigue.
The anxiety: Nothing better for anxiety than physical exercise, and better yet, outdoors.
Depression: Before the exercise, the individual is more cheerful, full of life and spend time with other peers.
The osteoporosis : Physical exercise also reduces joint pain.
Heart disease: Exercise keeps the heart strong.
Constipation: Also improves the digestive system, thus regulating intestinal transit.
Obesity: Through exercise and with a healthy diet, reduce fat and improve muscle tone.
Greater level of independence: Improve how to fend for themselves.
Sociability: The practice exercises with other older facilitates social relations.

All these benefits, and will also be personal social, as for example, to improve the health of our seniors, health care costs are greatly reduced, thereby decreasing the intake of these drugs, visits to queries our medical facilities and drugs.

Recommended exercises for the elderly

The main objective is that the person is fun while you exercise. Therefore, we recommend those either aerobic or dynamic. Ideally undertake the exercises with a larger group as heterogeneous as possible.
A basic and fundamental exercise to perform, will be to walk . Always plain and footwear and clothing suitable for practicing this sport. It is important not to go for a walk in the daylight hours in which it becomes warmer and thoroughly hydrated before, after and while exercising. Another activity, also widespread among our elders, is to play petanque . This serves more as socializing and physical activity, but also has its sporty character and effort. Improves flexibility, balance, vision, and many other functions in the body of the older person.

Meanwhile, water activities, increasingly on the rise, are conducted by experts in the field monitors for the enjoyment of young and old, but are perfect activities for adults by the minimal impact on your joints when performing exercises. Moreover, swimming is the most complete sport that can be practiced, and its cost is also low, which may worry a lot in this segment of the population.There are many exercises highly recommended for our elders. All you have to do it with caution, under a professional track, and before any physical discomfort should seek medical advice. This is true for any age, but as we get older, the greater must be the care with which we make this series of activities.