Conducting regular and continuous physical activity is an important adjunct to treatment of patients with diabetes, it also improves the quality of life.

It is considered that the exercise part of the treatment of diabetes. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the need for and benefits of physical activity to the same extent that compliance with the diet and drug therapy. Exercise helps to improve metabolic control and also helps build self-esteem.

Benefits of Exercise

In all people, the practice of physical activity is associated with numerous benefits:

* Lowers cholesterol level.
* Reduces blood pressure .
* Increases collateral circulation in the limbs.
* Decreases in heart rate.
* Improved oxygen transport.

For patients with diabetes, add some additional advantages:

* Increased sensitivity to insulin.
* Greater weight reduction.

During an overnight fast, the largest source of energy used by muscles comes from the oxidation of fatty acids from adipose tissue. In contrast, exercise increases glucose utilization as an energy source, in direct relationship with the intensity of physical activity.



Before starting an exercise program, it is advisable to conduct a physical examination complete, routine tests and an electrocardiogram. If there are no contraindications, practice 15 to 60 minutes of physical activity 3-5 times a week, between 15 and 60 minutes. In the case of patients with cardiovascular disease known or probable, we suggest participation in special medical programs, to take full advantage of the exercise and simultaneously reduce the possibility of complications. It must be remembered that diabetics can have foot injuries that often go unnoticed by the loss of sensitivity. This disorder predisposes to injury and over-extension of muscles and tendons.


It is recommended to perform aerobic exercises, among which are included:

* The walk.
* The trot.
* Swimming.
* The dance.
* The skating.
* Individual sports (tennis, golf).
* Team sports (football, basketball).

The choice depends on the physical exercise general, the age of the patient and of course, taste and individual fitness. Whenever it is prudent to start with a progressive exercise program, in terms of duration, intensity and frequency. Should not miss both the preheating and the elongation at log off.


The regular and continuous exercise is an important adjunct therapy for patients with diabetes. A physical activity program suitable for each individual and tailored to their preferences helps to maintain and improve the quality of life of people who practice it.