Childhood diseases that present with a rash of great concern to parents. Types rashes, symptoms and to differentiate one key from another.

With the arrival of summer heat and increase the care to infants , but also increases the frequency of eruptive diseases in children. While there are vaccines to prevent them, are common to 3 years old. Pay attention to the mode of appearance and shape of the rash is important to know how to act.

Symptoms of chickenpox

Disease caused by the varicella zoster virus, highly contagious but not dangerous to health. Children may or may not have a fever before the onset of the rash, so the discovery of one or two little marks on the skin is often the onset. Then keep appearing more and more on chest and back. They look like a small water blisters surrounded by a red ring to create a crust break. Very itchy, and therefore tend to be very annoying for the sufferer. And, since it is a virus, there is no way to medicate.

Measles, one of the most contagious

Measles like chickenpox is caused by a virus. This usually refers to it as one of the most serious, because in some cases leads to complications such as encephalitis or pneumonia. Appear first symptoms such as fever, cough, red eyes or conjunctivitis and runny nose, but after a few days the rash makes its appearance from the face and inside the mouth around the body. The spots inside the mouth is a hallmark of this disease.


Scarlet, the only eruption caused by bacteria

Unlike chicken pox and measles, scarlet fever is caused by a streptococcus, beta hemolytic streptococci Actually diagnosed with a throat swab. Usually has always fever, vomiting, chills, and a key input for diagnosis: the sore throat or angina prior to rash and swollen glands in the area. The spots are very cerquitas coloraturas one another, giving the impression of “chicken skin”.

Main differences between eruptive diseases and allergy

* Measles until spots in the mouth associated with conjunctivitis.
* Chickenpox: water noodle far apart.
* Scarlet: spots set hard to the touch associated with angina.
* Allergies to compress noodle disappear. That is a sign of an allergy.

The vaccination schedule to protect most eruptive diseases of childhood, although it is the contagion before receiving the vaccine, or even outbreaks or new manifestations of the same disease a few years later. As parents we must pay attention to the appearance of the first symptoms and consult a doctor immediately.